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Coordinated System of Care


About Louisiana’s Coordinated System of Care (CSoC)

Louisiana Department of Health has developed the Coordinated System of Care (CSoC), a new approach to offering behavioral health care services for children/youth and their families that is based on system of care values.

This initiative creates a single point of entry for families of children who have complex behavioral health needs and are either in or at risk of being in out-of-home placement (e.g. foster h03omes, group homes, juvenile detention facilities, residential treatment centers) by combining resources of the State’s four child-serving agencies: Department of Child & Family Services , Department of Education, Department of Health, Office of Juvenile Justice

Children with serious behavioral and/or emotional challenges often are involved with many state agencies, and CSoC brings all of these together into one coordinated network to offer the right services at the right time at the right level of intensity.

Families enrolled in CSoC will receive intensive, individualized services in their communities. In this process, the family and child partner with a team of people they choose and work together to develop a plan that meets their needs, rather than having other people develop a plan for them.

Combining all services into one coordinated plan allows for better communication and collaboration among families, youth, state agencies, providers and others who support the family. Initiatives like these are also more cost effective; encouraging sharing of resources across state agencies in Louisiana has resulted in the ability to leverage additional funding from other sources.





Information provided by: Louisiana Department of Health


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