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Monumental Moments

For those who feel alone in these times of social isolation, building connections is more important than ever. Join the Monumental Moments™ community and celebrate your stories – together. Your Monumental Moment will help others in the community. Your public post on social media using the hashtag #MonumentalMoments will help support people living with mental health conditions, including those also living with an involuntary movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia (TD). On behalf of posts shared, Neurocrine Biosciences will be making donations to mental health organizations as part of its commitment to support people living with mental illness.

How to Participate:

  • Celebrate your Moment – Post an image, video or status update of your moment to your preferred social media channel (like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
  • Use the Hashtag – Use the hashtag #MonumentalMoments to connect and share your moment with others. Your post may also appear on this website in our gallery of moments.

Share to Care – Tag three friends (or more!). By sharing, you’ll help build the community.

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