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NAMI Louisiana members and allies band together to influence and improve state and local health care and government systems as they relate to individuals and families affected by mental illness. Members and allies contact state legislators, local government officials, health care administrators, law enforcement representatives and many other people and agencies that touch our lives on a daily basis.

We use the term advocacy in the broadest sense. Nearly everything we do in relation to public outreach and education we believe contributes to our advocacy.

As the state organization, NAMI Louisiana’s primary role is to interact with state agencies and the Louisiana Legislature to advance NAMI’s mission and policy priorities.


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Get out and Vote!

By: Tatiana Gonzalez Quiroga

As the 2020 election approaches, it is important to reflect on the democratic duties that we as citizens must practice to make sure that our voices and opinions get heard. Statistics show that 1 in 5 people have a mental illness. Whether it is a friend, partner, mother, father, or yourself, the need to speak up and represent those with mental illness on a national level is more important than ever.  As a nation, we need to make sure that the 60 million Americans who have a mental condition get adequate mental health treatment.

The pandemic has caused an increase in mental health conditions around the state. Unfortunately, Louisiana has reported higher levels of anxiety and depression than the nation’s average. That is why it is important for us to go vote and elect leaders who will bring resources to this state that will help Louisianians get the mental health care they need.  Whether it is finding housing, accessing transportation, or getting treatment, an effective leader can provide significant change in all our Louisiana communities.

This year make it your duty to register to vote and cast your ballot. Whether it is early voting, absentee voting, or voting on election day, be a part of the Vote4MentalHealth movement. Vote4MentalHealth means that you will take the pledge to become educated about the candidates on the ballot and make sure to select leaders who will uplift those with mental illness. Vote4MentalHealth ensures that the 1 in 5 people who have a mental illness are given equal access to mental health care. Our voices matter and casting a vote ensures that our voices get heard. So, this year, make it a priority to head to the polls, vote, and make a difference!



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